Audience Engagement

Here at Event Pop, we strive to bring you the industry best in audience engagement solutions which is why we’ve created a system to engage your fans throughout the entire event lifecycle. Each solution is tailored specifically to your needs and all data collected is stored and analyzed in our secure cloud – giving you the power of real-time reporting.

  • Mobile Applications

    From event specific mobile applications to promotional apps – we can build it all.

  • Sweepstakes, Rebates & Contests

    From rules to winners, we have you covered.

  • Audience Safety Features

    Never let your patrons worry about a lost child or medical issue again with these unique safety features.

  • On-Site Promotions

    Offer your attendees on the spot promotional contests, coupons and more.

  • Sponsorship Program Intergration

    Drive traffic, activate contests and promote on-the-spot e-Commerce purchases with this state of the art solution.

  • Social Media Intergration

    Allow your consumers to seamlessly share their experience with their followers while building buzz for your brand.

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